Why choose us?


As one of the top accounting firms in London, we have been serving the market for a long time and have grown as a reputed Accounting service provider. We have fruitfully built-up the trust among our clients while ensuring them with steadfast services.


Our certified and experienced professionals that include Auditors and Accountants ensure that they sustain high confidentiality of your business and render you high quality service that accomplishes your level of satisfaction.


Our specialized ethics ensure to retain commitment to service. We employ highly professional auditors and accountants who take into consideration all your needs and deliver the most excellent services.

We are completely dedicated to our professional excellence and therefore, never compromise with quality. Our exceptional industry specific services ensure that you achieve success in your business. You can get in touch with our certified management accountant and get assured services.

Our philosophy

  • We provide our clients with knowledge and guidance based on the utmost ethical and technical standards
  • On time and cost-effective services are offered while staying result oriented and being dedicated to clients.
  • We want to aid clients succeed. That's why we assign each client a committed client service team headed by a partner and a manager.

Mission of Tahaskimti

  • We are able to render inventive solutions on a strictly global basis to assist you develop your business. We motivate you to fulfil your potential.
  • The role of each client service team is to tailor the right Tahaskimti service just when you need it.
  • Create a brand name in local and international market.

Vision of Tahaskimti

  • The more our clients prosper, the more we benefit and as we develop, our expertise increases.
  • To become the leading service provider in London.
  • A broad range of services for every phase of your organisation's growth.

As one of the leading accounting firms in London, we stay advanced with the developments in various sectors and ensure we share the complete information with our clientele. Tahas main concern is to foresee your needs and lead you throughout any changes you necessitate to craft.

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